Thursday, 10 November 2016

Little Wars Canberra

Great little event last Sunday that showcased a variety of games and periods. The event also raised well over $400 for the Charity Soldier On.

Our game of Sharp Practice involved 3 - 5 players but also attracted many interested onlookers chatting about dipping their toes into the system.

We played about 120-points per side starting at 10 am and finishing just after 3 pm. The terrain came from the collections of most players while Brad from "docs art of war" blog fame provided the armies.

Given that we didn't quite get to the end, even with the Russians well in the red zone. We may have bitten off a bit more than we could handle. While it is a fun game I certainly wouldn't go out to buy new armies specifically for Sharp Practice. The figures I have for WRG 1685 - 1845 will do just nicely.

They work well if you don't take them seriously and develop character narratives. If you are after letter of the law rules they are not for you. I miss some elements of version one such as Grasp the Nettle but the deployment system works well.

As I said even though there were 3 - 5 of us, 120 points on an 8x6 table was too much. Player were kept waiting for turns, which is far from ideal for a participation game, and I needed to use a bit of slight of hand to move cards in the deck so that units could get on the table. Rather than the large game all day I still think 2 smaller games perhaps on a 6x4 or even 4x4 may have tempted other participants.

There was also much searching through the rules trying to find fisticuffs factors or shooting factors. Never a good look when trying to attract new punters.

It was a great day. Quality venue, good food, good beer and plenty of dice. The photos are mine taken on my phone so not the best quality.

54 mm ancients game

This one caused some tension dragoons hitting infantry in the flank. Even with 14 dice to 4 advantage the dragoons bounced. Rolling crap will do that.

More of the 54 mm ancients.

The table prior to the game. The river had four crossing points.

Corpse cart from Eureka Miniatures adding some decoration to the table. I didn't get to show our visiting pollie the headless bodies in the back of the cart. 

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Warlord Games

Last week I received a set of Warlord Games Sarmatian Cataphracts with the aim neing tpo use them as Late Roman Cataphactarii.

In the pack are enough figures to build 8 Cataphracts and include long wire lances, command and separate swords and bow cases.

These are a multi-part figure and the horse also includes the lower torso and legs of the rider. The base of the torso needed a bit of work so that the upper half would fit correctly. I am still not sure about the fact that swords and bow cases are glued on, just means they are easily knocked off.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Late Roman Frankish Allies

So after a month of being annoyed by Warlord Games with insensitive marketing of their Bolt Action army list for Australians in the South West Pacific, on Anzac Day as well as wishing people a "Happy" Anzac Day on a national day of commemoration, I am back.

I have been adding more to my Late Romans for Impetus in this case an allied force of Franks. These were a mixed batch of mainly Foundry and Crusader figures that were part of an exchange for some Footsore Miniatures Roman Cavalry that dwarfed my collection of Foundry figures.

Based for Impetus these guys give me 4 elements of FP Warriors and 1 element of CM noble cavalry. The four elements mean I can deploy two "large" units of Frankish foot that are hard to route and get large unit bonus in combat.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Failed again.

Well missed the February post. But have updated my Impetus page so that is March sort of covered.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

2015 - 2016

So 2015 has gone and what did I do?
Moved the blogs focus to more historical concepts rather than modelling and gaming
Played more Dark Age, Medieval period games than I expected Impetus and Lion Rampant rules for these
Dumped Bolt Action as my game of choice for SWW skirmish using Chain of Command instead
Continued my long relationship with WRG 1685-1845 rules and its updated AWRG version.
Started painting for other people in exchange for cash and figures. My wife is thankful that my hobby is now basically self funding.

To 2016, this is a bit trick, who knows what the future will hold.
Likely to pull back on painting my own stuff as I basically have all that I need. The only exception to this being to add bits here and there to fill some forces out a bit.
Possibly put a bit more effort into terrain and scenery.
Delve into the history books again rather than invest in rule books.
To fund this maybe paint for others as needed.
Post more on the blog at least once a month, how hard can that be?