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Blood and Plunder Sloop - Part 2

Part 2 of the sloop painting and assembly process.
There was no real inspiration for the colour scheme except for the white on the lower hull. I took the view that perhaps my commander was a wee bit successful and could afford white lead paint to prevent worms and barnacles from impacting on his sloops performance. Also most sloops that I have seen presented are in greens, reds and brown, I wanted something a bit brighter. 
I did consider adding extra parts such as cat heads, lanterns etc but since this is really a gaming piece rather than a scale model I decided  against that option.
On the subject of scale I don't abide by this "28mm" scale nonsense, it is a figure size not a scale. I did hint at looking at the scale of the sloop. Being 10. 5 inches long by 4 inches across the beam it models as a 49 ft long vessel at 1/56 scale. Which appears right for a single masted sloop at this time.
The rigging guide that can be downloaded from  Firelock Games is clear and shows …

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