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Blood and Plunder Sloop

I was rather excited when my sloop arrived at my LFGS yesterday. 
Got it home and unboxed straight away. It was well packaged in cardboard box the sloop and parts were in a bubble wrapped sleeve and brown paper filler as extra protection. Accessories were in a ziplock back so no small bits to pick out of the box.
The hull was nicely cast in resin you will need to wash it in detergent to get rid of the release agent. It was cleanly cast with only a little bit of flash around the gun ports which is easily fixed.
Besides the hull, the kit contained dowel for the masts and arms, elastic for the rigging, the stats card and a bag of small metal parts for things such as guns, swivel guns, gun ports and rigging. Like the hull the metal parts were cleanly cast with only a wee bit of flash on the guns. 
There are no instructions with the kit, however, they can be downloaded from If you ever put together an Airfix kit as a kid (or adult) then it should be…

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